WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan,5200mAh Personal Portable Baby Car Seat Fan with Flexible Tripod Fix on Stroller,USB or Battery Powered Desk Fan Adjustable 3 Speeds for Camping

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Product Description




Cooling Crib Fan

You can refer to the picture above,wrap this fan around the crib,adjust the angle and turn on the fan.

It is recommended to set the minimum wind speed,which is soft and quiet,give your baby a comfortable sleeping environment.

Handheld Fan

This handheld fan have 3 adjustable speeds,you can adjust the wind speed according to your needs.

Love the small size and can be easily packed into a shoulder bag for easy use when traveling or traveling.Especially suitable for outdoor activities in summer.

Desk Fan

The design of the tripod makes it can stand on your desk stablely.

You can also adjust it's height and angle according to your needs.

Provide a comfortable and cooling environment to you,when you are working or gaming on a hot day.