Sonoma Lavender Microwaveable Aromatherapy Stuffed Animals, Freddy the Frog, Eucalyptus Scented

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  • WARM HUGS! Our Eucalyptus/Lavender Warm Hugs Aromatic Animals help to promote relaxation, while relieving stress and tension with gentle warmth and the soothing calming scents of lavender. Makes a thoughtful gift for anyone over the age of 12.
  • PICK YOUR FAVORITE TO CUDDLE: Each of our Warm Hugs Animals are soft and cuddly. Hug on one after a stressful day, a cold night or in bed to help you fall into a restful sleep.
  • USE FOR MOIST, HEAT THERAPY: Warm Hugs Animals can be heated in the microwave or clothes dryer. Use in place of a hot pad for stomach aches. Get a Warm Hug when you are feeling under the weather. The aromatic lavender will calm and relax while relieving stress and headaches.
  • AROMATIC: Removable inserts contain dried lavender buds for fragrance and flaxseed to retain the moist heat. Pinch the contents of the insert to re-release the pure oils from the lavender buds.
  • REMOVABLE COVER: The removable outer portion is made from some of the highest quality and most plush faux fur fabrics available in the market. They provide the ultimate in soothing comfort as they are super soft, warm and cozy. But they are also hypoallergenic and durable. There’s no need to remove the outer portion for warming/chilling.