Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste for Sensitve Teeth (3.4 oz., 5 pk.)

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Help reduce tooth sensitivity with this Sensodyne Repair and Protect 3.4-oz. toothpaste. The extra-fresh paste is ideal for after lunch or before an important date, keeping your breath fresh. With stannous fluoride as the main ingredient, this toothpaste helps creates a protective layer over the vulnerable areas of your teeth to provide long-lasting sensitivity relief so you can rediscover your love for frozen snacks, hot beverages and cold drinks.

This Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste promotes healthy gums and helps prevent tooth decay to maintain clean, strong teeth. The pack of five ensures you always have a tube in the cabinet.

Sensitivity Relief

The stannous fluoride in this Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste helps form a protective layer over damaged enamel to deliver lasting relief for sensitive teeth. Use every morning and night to maintain your healthy smile.

Can this toothpaste repair my teeth?

This five-pack of Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste contains stannous fluoride to help build a repairing layer over the weak spots of your teeth.