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  • LOVELY SQUEAKY PLUSH TOYS-12 Pack-Includes watermelon(sphere, slice) Ice cream, star, banana, lobster, apple, chicken leg, orange, triangle watermelon£¬flip flop,pumpkin, carrot in cartoon figures. Their bright color and cute shapes are the dog's favorites.
  • REDUCE DOG'S ANXIETY-These squeaky toys help dogs expend spare energy and release anxiety. Reduce destruction behaviors at home and train dogs cleverer.
  • IMPROVE TEETH HEALTY-Cleans teeth and massages gums. Washable cotton fibers help to fight against tartar buildup and preventing gum diseases. Satisfy dog's chew and help to grow a natural protective layer.
  • SOFT PLUSH-Made from plush and cotton fabric, these plush toys are perfectly safe and reliable for your pets to chew and play.

Product Description

Squeaky Toys Benefits

Playing squeaky toys is a very healthy behavior for dogs because it triggers their reward center and causes pleasant feelings in their brain

  • Less likely to bite furniture
  • get dog’s attention and reward good behavior
  • get dogs excited
  • motivate dogs

Bright and Crisp Sound Effect

Squeaky Sound Performance Test

The sound of toys have been carefully tested by Studio Mic, which is loud, alluring and pleasantly stimulating. So your pups will go to great lengths to dominate the source of the squeak and be encouraged to keep squeezing

  • A total of 12 toys with squeakers, 12 original designs in different shapes and sizes
  • Apple, Pumpkin, Whole Watermelon, Pink Star, A Slice of Melon, Roast, Lobster, Carrot, Orange, Banana, Slipper, Ice Cream
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs to play, chase and bites
  • Fascinated Squeaky Sensations
  • Durable Squeakers and Long-Lasting Performance

Stitching Skill

The toys are firm and durable with dense knitting stitches. Your dog can feel free to chew for a long time

Soft Plush Surface

Made of premium quality natural cotton, the soft and flexible surface is super comfortable to play and chew

Non-smell Design

Even through dog's sense of smell is around 10,000 - 100,000 times better than ours, no smell can be detected from the toys thanks to the safe and intoxic design. Without smell, without worry

Stuffless or Stuffed Stuffless Stuffed Stuffless Only Head Stuffed
Quantity of Squeakers 10 12 45 45
Quantity of Toys 5 12 5 5
Crinkle Paper