HAPAH Inflatable Arch Sprinkler Penguin for Kids, Summer Outdoor Fun Water Games, over 6 Feet Long Oversized Giant Toy

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  • STRONGER & BETTER - Durable 0.30mm PVC materials (others use 0.25mm usually), stronger to keep the summer outside fun. Patch kit also included.
  • HIGHER & BIGGER - 80*40*75inch, larger inflatable arch sprinkler suitable for kids and adults playing together.
  • 2021 LATEST PENGUIN DESIGN – Upgrade penguin version, unique design for backyard summer water games.
  • HAPPY FAMILY SUMMER TIME - Parents can run under the ginormous sprinkler with kids, definitely having a blast for several hours during hot days.
  • NOT ONLY A SPRINKLER TOY – Could be used as a special gadget to float in the swimming pool and a party decoration, having varieties different roles in life.

With a nice flow water from the giant inflatable penguin arch sprinkler, any fun loving parents can run under the sprinkler with kids, having a blast for several hours, definitely bring lots of summer fun during hot days! 2020 Latest penguin design sprinkler Stronger & better – durable 0.30mm PVC materials Higher & bigger - 80*40*75inch