Forty4 Plush Electronic Dog, Stuffed Puppy Dog with Remote Control Leash, Interactive Companion Dog Toy, Realistic Pet Dog with Music, Walking, Singing, Wagging Tail, Gifts for 2 3 4 Year Boys & Girls

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  • 🐶【Pet Play House Toys】 Cute and realistic electronic pet dogs, equipped with various play house pet grooming, can satisfy the child's desire to be a role-playing pet beautician, and the child will develop empathy and social skills when taking care of puppy friends while playing. It is a good educational toy.
  • 💝【Pull-String Function】 First-level pull-string function. Short press the handle on the pull-wire, the golden retriever can bark, wag its tail, and walk for a short time; long-press the handle on the pull-wire, the puppy will play music and walk all the time, soft and plush, pleasant to the touch, super Realistic and cute.
  • 👍【Learn to Speak Function】 The second gear learn to speak function, the puppy will imitate you to speak, as if communicating with you intimately and becoming a child's good friend.
  • 🏆【10 Sets of Various Accessories】In order to enhance the fun of role-playing for children, we thoughtfully equipped this walking puppy with 10 accessories: bone, food tray, snack box, hair clipper, scissors, hair dryer, perfume, toy ball, corded dog collar, and screwdriver.
  • 🎁【Excellent Creative Gift】 A large golden retriever that can bark, walk, sing, wag its tail, and learn to talk. It is highly realistic and cute. It is the perfect gift for all boys and girls.

Product Description

Allow Your Kids to Bring Their Dream Pet into Your Home

This is a set of pet grooming play house toys. This 10-inch authentic and cute Golden Retriever electronic pet dog with leash has soft hair, which is pleasant to touch. On the handle of the leash, there is switch. If you short press the switch, the golden retriever will bark, wag tail, and walk for a short time; if you long press the switch, the puppy dog will sing songs and walk nonstop. Additionally, the puppy toy has the function of imitating what you say to it, as if having an intimate conversation with you, just like your good friend. This playhouse toy set comes with 9 pet grooming accessories, which can totally satisfy the child's pet groomer role-playing needs. It’s also a good educational toy set that children can develop empathy and improve social skills while taking care of their puppies friends.

Forty4 Plush Electronic Dog--A Good Partner for Your Children

Golden Retriever with Corded Dog Collar

What other accessories are in the package
  • Toy Ball
  • Food Tray
  • Scissors
  • Bone
  • Snack Box
  • Hair Dryer
  • Perfume
  • Hair Clipper

The package is equipped with a screwdriver for installing the battery.