Donner DED-100 Electronic Drum Set, Eight Pieces Mesh Electric Drum Set with 195 Sounds, Electric Mesh Drum Kit for Beginner, Drum Sticks & Audio Cables Included, More Stable Iron Metal Support

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  • AWESOME KIT FOR A BEGINNER- Loyal to the acoustic drum sampling of the Real drum, test and adjust the details of each timbre repeatedly, electric drum set making the sound more realistic and excellent, shorten the shock response to the extreme to avoid the sound delay. Can practice at home or for band performances!
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE MESH CAN MADE- The electronic drum set with the more delicate 8-inch all mesh drumhead, the feel is close to the real drum, helping you to practice as a good drummer.
  • MORE STABLE& SAFE- The electric drum kit with the 10-inch silicone cymbal has a stable and well-distributed tone response at any position of the cymbal. The collapsible iron metal stand is more stable and safe.
  • FEATURE-RICH- 200 timbre, 20 demo songs, 20 Preset tones, can be connected to MP3 to play songs. Easy to practice, wearing headphones will not disturb others.
  • 💛BEST GIFT IN SUMMER- 8’’ Tom-tom×3, 8’’ Snare×1, 10’’ Hi-Hat×1, 10’’ Ride ×1, 10’’ Crash×1,8", Kick Pedal×1, Hi-Hat Pedal×1

Product Description

Package Included:

1.Sound module X 1

2. Hi-Hat 10’’ X 1

3.Ride 10’’ X 1

4.Crash 10’’ X 1

5.Tom-tom 8’’ X 3

6. Snare 8’’ X 1

7.Hi-Hat Pedal X 1, Kick Pedal×1

8.Drum Sticks X 1

9.Drum Key X 1

10.Audio input line X 1

ATTENTION:After opining the packing,please check whether it contains all the items immediately. If there are any omissions,please inform us.


  • Size: 74.5cm * 62cm * 20cm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Cymbal material : silicon & plastic
  • Drumhead material : nylon
  • Other material: iron
  • Power adapter: 9V/DC , 1A