Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Refreshing Rain (90 oz.)

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Dawn Platinum is our strongest grease-fighting formula ever.

Hello, Platinum. Goodbye, Grease.

Your toughest, dirtiest everyday messes don’t stand a chance against the grease-fighting formula of Dawn Platinum dish soap. With 4X more grease cleaning power per drop,* Dawn Platinum’s strong enough to power through everything from the greasiest and grimiest messes to even those baked-on, burnt-on, dried on foods. Even on messes 48-hours old. And the power of Dawn Platinum liquid dish soap means less scrubbing and no more soaking.

Made to Fight Grease and It Doesn't Care Where

Yes, Dawn Platinum’s tough enough to handle any dish mess. But did you know it’s so versatile, you can use it all around your kitchen and house? For starters, why not give your sink and counter area a quick wipe down. Dawn Platinum’s great for cleaning stainless steel and your kitchen cabinets, too. Keep some Dawn Platinum in your laundry room and use it as a great pre-treater on greasy stains. And take some to the garage and see what it does on greasy tools and car rims. Wherever there’s grease, Dawn Platinum’s ready to get to work.

Gentle Scent of a Rain Shower

For all of its power, Dawn Platinum’s nice and easy on the nose, with the light, refreshing scent of an early morning rain.

*Based on cleaning ingredients per drop vs. non-concentrated Dawn