CO-Z Teepee Play Tent Foldable for Kids with Banners - Super Large, for at Least 2 Children - CPST Certificated (5 Poles - 85 Inches Height - Tarp Bottom)

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  • CPST Certificated for Safety ----- CPST certificated for children’s safety; 100% chemical-free & odorless cotton cloths construction safeguards kids’ health and keeps inner environment breathable; sturdy pine wood poles support this teepee with optimal stability.
  • Creating A Personal Space for Kids ----- Both side window and front opening can be closed completely by unfolding the integrated curtains; built-in floor cushion creates a personal space for kids to keep secrets and encourages them to become independent as well as showing respect for others.
  • Unleash Your Kids Imagination ----- White surface allows your kids to paint whatever they like on the teepee, turning this play tent into a magical and lovable castle with their imagination and creativity; complimentary burgees and fur balls add more fun to this item.
  • Accommodate 3 Kids ----- Measured at 49” x 49” x 85”, this cute kids teepee can accommodate at least 3 kids to play at the same time, making a great hangout place for your kids and their friends.
  • Washable for Healthy ----- To minimize the germs and defend kids’ health, it is strongly recommended that you should wash this tent regularly.

Product Description

If Your Kids Want a Teepee, Choose CO-Z

  • Bring the great outdoors inside your kids’ playroom with our Teepee. Crafted from durable materials, this playtime must-have’s play tent is perfect for younger children and will keep them endlessly entertained. Our kids' teepee creates a personal space for your kids and their friends, which lets them have fun and share stories together as well as improve their personalities.

Totally Safe with CPC

  • With the CPC, we ensure you that CO-Z teepee complies with all applicable children's product safety rules.

Skin-friendly & Strong Material

  • Made from 100% cotton, the thick canvas of this tent is 100% skin-friendly and extremely sturdy.

Customize Your Own Tent

  • This tent allows your kids to unleash their imaginations by painting on it or attaching more ornaments to it. You and your kids can customize your family tent together.

5 Poles Design

  • Enjoying hours of fun and creative play with our 5 poles play teepee, easy to assemble. You can enjoy the tent wherever you are once the tent is set up.

Floor Protectors

  • Each pole comes with a floor protector, so you will never scratch your beautiful hardwood floors while enjoying our tent.

Free Ornaments

  • Soon to add a little extra color to your off-white tent: a string of burgees and a tiny, downy ornament. Also comes with a free carrying bag for easy storage.

Favorite Playful Moments Sharing

Package List

1 x Tent Cloth

20 x Wood Poles

15 x Wood Pole Connectors

5 x Pole Caps

2 x Decorative Balls

Several colorful Flags for Decor


Material Pine Wood & 100% Cotton
Shape Five Angle Teepee
Display Dimension 49” x 49” x 85”
Product Color Beige
With Canvas Bottom Yes