TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid Pressure-relieving and Motion-reducing 11" Twin Long Mattress

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Made from all-new combinations of our proprietary materials, the TEMPUR-Adapt® Medium Hybrid Mattress adapts and responds to your body’s needs throughout the night. It continuously conforms, relieves pressure and reduces motion. Delivering the perfect sleep for your body, this mattress will have you waking up feeling powerful and refreshed. So comfortable that 95% of Tempur-Pedic owners would recommend their mattress, more than any other brand.


The Reinvented TEMPUR-PEDIC®Tempur-Pedic’s new series is more innovative, more responsive and more personalized than ever before. Thoughtfully designed, expertly engineered and rigorously tested against standards that didn’t exist until they created them, this line will give you the best sleep of your life.


TEMPUR-Adapt® Medium Hybrid

TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer delivers a softer feel with more support to help you relax
Original TEMPUR® Comfort Layer provides advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support
Hybrid Technology 1000+ premium spring coils designed in-house to work with your body
Cool-to-Touch Cover has premium knit technology for superior cool-to-touch feel